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The Yoga Bunch offers group and private classes for every individual either live or online via zoom - regardless of age, size, gender, diet and lifestyle, at different locations, including your home. 

Cristina Style Flow  Cristina's signature style flow is in tune with the seasons and moon cycles - a slow flow that integrates breath, alignment, mudra, intention, mantra, relaxation and meditation. 

Chakra Flow Yoga & Mantra Activation  The chakras are the body's seven main physical, mental and spiritual centers and together they form the pathway to healing, rejuvenation and evolution. They govern relationships, creativity, vitality, personal power, magnetism, manifestation, emotions, communication, intuition and access to divine wisdom. Each class focuses on one chakra at the time so we understand its domain, followed by a yoga sequence, breathwok and mantra designed to activate and re-balance the chakra to its original frequency. Once we have balanced all the main chakras it is possible to transcend material limitations and realize wholeness/0neness.

Restorative yoga  A gentle and slow meditative practice using props (blankets, bolsters, foams, etc.) to help you feel completly supported and relaxed in every asana, allowing deep release in the body and mind. This practice is recommended for those who are healing from an injury, surgery, illness or just need to restore and relax. Prana healing, reiki, meditation, mantras and crystal healing might be used during private classes as per my inner-guidance.

Family Yoga A fun, non competitive physical activity, with many postures that are named after animals and other creatures. Breathing exercises and deep relaxation are also included, leaving both parent and child feeling peaceful and and positive. With children living in a 'hurry up' world, with school pressures and other  modern influences, these classes are the perfect counter balance to these pressures, whilst instilling the foundations for future generations.

Pregnancy yoga  A gentle and slow practice focusing on open stretches, proper breathing and deep relaxation, preparing mothers-to-be, feel calm, strong and in control physically as well as mentally. Early pregnancy is a very good time to start, from as early as fourteen weeks, provided your midwife or doctor agrees. Private classes only.

Quantum Yoga Nidra & Sound Vibration A lying down meditation or yogic sleep guided by my voice and sound vibrations - a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping so deep healing can occur.

Pranayama  Breath is life.The way we breathe affects every system and function in your body. If your breathing changes whether consciously or unconsciously, then all these systems will change accordingly. Understanding and using the breath to reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, eliminate toxins, improve creativity, induce flow states, let go of trauma, increase cardiovascular health and athletic performance. Breathwork has benefits for everyone - recharges your body and controls your mental state by regulating the flow of prana (life-force).

Meditation This practice takes you to a state of awareness of your true being, a state of complete and spontaneous relaxation, innocence and bliss. It helps to remove negative thoughts  and diminishes fear and lonelinness. Different techniques and tools are used to suit the individual or group needs.

Mindfulness  The ability to see what's going on in our minds, bodies and the world around us, and to respond from  a place of clarity and compassion, not fear or insecurity. As we become more accepting of our own thoughts, we become more emphatetic to others. Mindfulness is a proven stress buster, as it help us understand what we can and can't change. Stress isn't caused by what's happening, but our response to it.

Inner-Child Healing  When we are disconnected from our inner-child, we might have a difficult time setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, or being in an authentic connection with the world around us. This meditation is designed to guide you into deeper connection with the inner-child and finally reclaim inner-power inner-kowing, inner-worth, inner-joy so you can heal as a whole sovereign being. As you heal the inner- world, the outer world balances itsel - as within so without.

Holistic Healing Hour  A bespoke session devoted to heal body, mind and soul using movement medicine, breathwork, prana healing, crystal healing, guided relaxation and sound vibrations.